External Affairs

  • Marketing the organization and its events
  • Getting sponsors for events
  • Updating social media accounts
  • Promoting the organization’s events and other projects


  • Pre- and Post- event articles
  • Designer Spotlight

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Sponsorship Specialist

  • Looks for sponsors and closes deals

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TASK: add sponsorship leads to sheet

TASK: contact & invite sponsors esp. FFC

Lead Specialist

  • Looks for individuals, companies, schools, organizations to invite to the FFC / workshop / roadshow

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TASK: import emails

After each PWDO event, extract emails and import to our mailing list

  1. From Eventbrite
    • For EACH event:
      • Go to Manage Events > choose an event.
      • On the Manage page, click Analyze in sidebar sub-menu, then click Event Reports.
      • Under Common Reports, click Attendee Summary.
      • Under Configure Columns, click Show Columns, then De-select all.
      • Under Attendee info, check the following fields: Email, First name, Last name.
      • Scroll down and click the button Update Report.
      • Once updated, click the button CSV under Export. Save the file with its proper event name.
    • Now go to Mailchimp.com > Lists > choose the list “Philippine Web Designers Organization”
      • Click the drop-down Add Contacts > Import contacts.
      • On “Where do you want to import contacts from?”, choose CSV then Next. On the following page, upload your file and click Next.
      • Choose “Skip” on the Order # column, then match the remaining columns and click Next.
      • On the next page, check “Add imported contacts to these groups:” and select the right event, e.g. MiniFFC. If not in the options, use Other.
      • Click Import and you’re done!
  2. From pwdo.org/join Responses
    • In the spreadsheet, select all the emails and copy.
    • Now go to Tinyletter.com > Subscribers > Add Subscribers.
    • Paste all the emails in the text box. Make sure there is only 1 email address per line.
    • Click the button Add to List and you’re done!
  3. From pwdo.org/updates Responses
    • Follow the same

Marketing Specialist

  • Creates and adheres to the promotional plan
  • Promotes PWDO events especially FFC through social media posts, Facebook group posts, & email invites
  • Releases ticket updates / special promos
  • Announces countdown to FFC
  • Writes email blasts for FFC
  • Produces promotional materials that follow the brand guidelines

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