Human Resources Committee

  • Recruitment
  • Speaker Requests
  • Companies or Schools looking for seminar & workshops
  • People hiring or looking for developers & designers
  • OJT or Internship at PWDO

Production Committee

  • Documentation of events
  • Logistics of events
  • Program flow of events
  • Minutes of the meeting

Manpower Correspondent

  • Point of contact of all the volunteers during the event

Hospitality Correspondents

  • Fetches / brings speakers to the airport & hotel

Supplier Correspondents

  • Contacts/coordinates with suppliers until, during, & after the event e.g. venue, projector, tarpaulin, printer, shirts

Internal Affairs

  • Government registration
  • Organization structure
  • Maintenance of SEC General Information Sheet
  • Management of financial transactions
  • E-mail moderation of

External Affairs

  • Marketing the organization and its events
  • Getting sponsors for events
  • Updating social media accounts
  • Promoting the organization’s events and other projects


  • Pre- and Post- event articles
  • Designer Spotlight

Sponsorship Specialist

  • Looks for sponsors and closes deals

Lead Specialist

  • Looks for individuals, companies, schools, organizations to invite to the FFC / workshop / roadshow

Marketing Specialist

  • Follows the promotional plan
  • Promotes PWDO events especially FFC through social media posts, Facebook group posts, & email invites
  • Releases ticket updates / special promos
  • Announces countdown to FFC
  • Writes email blasts for FFC
  • Produces promotional materials

Design and Technical


  • Branding
  • Business Cards
  • Banners
  • Promotional Materials

Website (front-end & back-end)


Qualifications for Design:

  • Send us your best works! Let PWDO be amazed of your design, so please give us at most 3 of your best work by creating a promotional design for our events (MiniFFC or FFC):
    • Instagram sized photo (1080×1080 px)
    • Cover photo banner for Facebook Page (828×315 px)
  • Submit 2 business card designs
  • Archive it using zip and send it to with email subject D&T 2017 Requirement